Smart vintage light bulbs G200 4W led Gold Works with Amazon Alexa With built-in WiFi module

Smart light bulb be more and more popular for every family all over the world. It is very nice to have smart lamp in your bedroom, you can adjust the brightness of the lamp to comfortable way, you can set up a time for lamp when is time should down and go sleep. With Tuya tech, it is very convenient for you control the lamp by long distance  precisely with your smart phione.   The Smart Vintage Bulb is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, And Siri Shortcuts. Ideal for iOS and Android.

Products Details

Products advantageWhatever Zigbee ,Wifi or bluetooth, let's see what function tuya added for a bulbs.1. Turn on/off  and dimming with your smart phone or voice,which means you can turn on your Chinse house lights when you are in  New Yorks.  2. CCT Dimmable, there will be two kinds of CCT led in the bulbs, then it happens.  3. RGBW dimmable, Three kinds of led chips in the bulbs, then it happens, 4 Time.xdgf2
Code: SM2021
Name: G200 smart Gold
Dimensions: Ø200x262mm
5W 2000K 250lm
Tuya Wifi+Bluetooth Single Color
Code: SM2025
Name: G200 smart Smoky
Dimensions: Ø200x262mm
4W 2000K 100lm
Tuya Wifi+Bluetooth Single Color

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