NewG4 LED corn light high lumen color temperature LED bulb1.3.w led decorative light 2835 lamp beads

Energy saving and enviromental protection,LED lamps replace traditional halogen lamps.No flicker led ,striboscopic lights CAM damage the eyes,so we use flicker-free leds to focus on health.

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Lamp beads,outstanding life of up to 30,000 hours.Lamp holder,international standard G4 socket,good conductive contact,safe and stable.

Code: G4612
Name: G4  2W  45LED Clear
Dimensions Ø13.5x41mm
2W 2800K  205-250LM
   CRI80  SDCM<6 
Flickering Free

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Code: 4014-31LED
Name: G4 2W 31LED Clear
Dimensions Ø13.5x41.2mm
2W 2700K  225-240lm
PF0.5  CRI80  SDCM<6 
Flickering Free
Code: 2835-14LED
Name: G4  1.3W 14LED Clear
Dimensions Ø10.5x37mm
1.3W 2800K 180-200lm
PF 0.8  CRI80  SDCM<6 
Flickering Free

> PC material ,pc cover with 360°warm and comfortable light. 

> Heat Dissipation Performance  Ceramic base makes the LED bulb heat dissipation performance more stable, Longer Lifespan than ordinary LED lamps, which does great contribution to reduce the frequency of replacing bulbs.

> G4 G9 Base LED , easy to install, perfect replacement for all G4 G9 traditional halogen bulbs. 

> Ideal to use in interior lighting, chandelier, pendant lights, ceiling fan light, window lighting, wall sconce, desk lamps etc. Perfect as G4 g9 led bulbs, G4 g9 halogen bulbs replacement,  

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